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Bodacious Cases Bring American Made iPhone Protection To The Made In America Store In Elma, New York!

"The Made In America Store, known for offering 100% U.S. manufactured products, has teamed up with Bodacious Cases to bring top-quality iPhone cases and accessories."


Bodacious Cases is the only all U.S. made cell phone case and accessories company on the market and has officially made their way into the Made In America Store. We know that a lot of people use their phone case as an accessory


The versatility of these cases is unmatchable! The versatility of these cases is unmatchable!


The Made In America Store brings over 3,500 products from 350+ vendors all under one roof.


The iPhone cases from Bodacious come in three separate parts; a front panel, a back panel and a band that goes between the two panels. To start, Bodacious offers two styles of cases; one with a card slot on the back panel or a plain back panel. Both styles display the Bodacious Smile logo, incorporating the iPhones camera into the facial logo design. The credit card slot-style iPhone case can hold 3 credit cards, secured by a clip.


The bands that come with each Bodacious Case is available in two different styles. One style of case bands come with port coverings or “flaps” that cover the bottom on the iPhone, The Ring/Silent Switch and Headphone jack. These port covers help keep moisture and debris from harming the iPhone. Bodacious Cases also offers a band without the port coverings.


Each case comes in multiple different colors and consumers can pick even more Case Bands to accessorize the case.


Bodacious Cases’ mission is to provide a multi-purpose iPhone case that fulfills more than just protecting the iPhone.


“Bodacious Cases is an excellent American made product that resembles more than just a phone case,” said Anthony Falbo, Social Media Marketer of the Made In America Store. “It’s important to show that U.S. made products can be modern, not just old fashioned!”


Consumers can contact the Made In America Store for a Bodacious Case by calling their home store in Elma, New York, at 716-652-4872.


The Made In America Store is located at 900 Maple Road in Elma, New York 14059 and is the only brick & mortar store that sells 100% U.S. manufactured products. Over 350 vendors bring 3,500+ products that are all American made available in-store, online at, and by phone at 716-652-4872. Every day, Veterans and Active Duty Military Personnel receive a 10% discount on their entire purchase. Consumers and fans of the “Made In America” movement can follow the Made In America Store through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, FourSquare and their blog.

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