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  • 5 Year Anniversary Event Update - Media Interview & Photo Opportunity

    For Immediate Release                                                                                   Dorothy Furtney
    Fri. – May 15, 2015                                                                                        716-622-9734


    “70 Years Later, WWII Paratrooper and Liberated Europeans Meet and Reminisce About
    V-E Day at Made in America Store”

    Mark Andol, founder and owner of the Made in America Store,  will welcome a WWII veteran who parachuted into Normandy on D-Day and went on to fight in the Battle of the Bulge to the 5th Anniversary Celebration of the Made in America Store, 900 Maple Street in Elma, on Saturday, May 16, 2015 (Armed Forces Day).

    The Army veteran will meet, for the first time, former residents of Europe who lived in Nazi-occupied countries and were liberated after Germany surrendered on May 8, 1945 – V-E Day.

    Andol has invited the individuals, all naturalized U.S. citizens now, to give them the opportunity to personally thank the U.S. Army, 82nd Airborne veteran being honored by the store that day.  Each has a compelling story to tell.

    Mark Andol is honored to host this meeting of individuals who experienced World War II from very different perspectives.  The civilians represent an entire generation of refugees and displaced persons who went on to enjoy the peace and prosperity of American life.  They are eager to thank the American serviceman, who in turn is representing an entire generation of service members who fought and died for the liberation of Europe.

    “What better way to mark the 70th Anniversary of V-E Day, than putting names and faces to the heroism of our soldiers and to the freedom enjoyed by those they liberated?” Andol stated.

    The 5th Anniversary Event is free and open to the public.



  • Come Celebrate The 5th Anniversary Of American Job Creation In Western New York!

    May 16th Event Highlights Jobs Created by the Made in America Movement Nationally and Locally

        “What if you could become one of the human engines creating jobs here at home?” asked Diane Sawyer when introducing local businessman, Mark Andol, in a Made in America segment that aired less than five years ago.

    11188407_955529731159002_8372430434853467107_n                            “Well, the American public answered that question – loud and clear – through its support of the Made in America Store in Elma, New York,” Mark Andol began.  Andol is the founder of the Made in America Store, the only brick & mortar store in the U.S. to sell only 100% American Made Products.

    Click here to see the interview of Mark Andol on Diane Sawyer's "Made In America"

                    “Whether it’s the 25 jobs we created at our first five store locations:  900 Maple Street in Elma, One Niagara at Niagara Falls, Eastern Hills Mall, McKinley Mall and Walden Galleria, or our e-commerce sites, or servicing retailers buying Made in America products for their inventories from our World Distribution Center, we want to thank every one of our customers for becoming human engines creating jobs with us,” Andol continued.

    Andol noted the story of his store opening on April 3, 2010 was only the beginning chapter of a “How-To” Book on American job creation.  He estimates that hundreds of jobs have been retained and created among his suppliers, based on the business volume his store’s growth has enjoyed.  “After all, Diane Sawyer discussed economic projections that Americans could create 10,000 jobs annually just by spending an additional $3.33 per year on Made in America products.  If we each spend a total of $64 per year on American Made Products, the yield is 200,000 good-paying jobs.  It adds up fast if we all take action,” Andol continued.

    At the Store’s 5th Anniversary Family Event on May 16th, employees, vendors and customers will celebrate the increased demand for American-made products that Andol’s stores and e-commerce sites ( and Amazon) have brought to 450 American manufacturers and entrepreneurs.

    And we keep growing,” Andol added. “We opened our 5th store at Walden Galleria on April 15, as well as our product line at the gift shop of the Buffalo Naval & Military Park & Museum on May 1. This success is due to the loyal customers who shop regularly at our stores or on-line or come on tour buses from across America.

    Another boost to the Made in America Movement was the release in 2013 of the national documentary “American Made Movie.” The film spelled out how American consumers can restore American jobs themselves through their buying decisions.  Mark Andol’s manufacturing story at General Welding & Fabricating served as the impetus for opening the Made in America Store and is central to the documentary for his “can-do” spirit.  The National Education Initiative (NEI) has developed a corresponding curriculum for schools.  The first state to embrace this curriculum is the State of Georgia.

    Look, this is not rocket science.  Buying American has become easier and easier the last five years.  The Made in America Store is just a part of the larger strategy to become human engines creating jobs here at home, for our children’s future.  At our 5th Anniversary Celebration, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, May 16th –  Armed Forces Day – we will show our appreciation to our nation’s veterans and to the customers who have fueled our growth.  It’s a simple formula:  Buy American.  Live the American Dream.TMAndol concluded.

  • Made In America Store Partners With Buffalo Naval & Military Park

    Gift Shop Will Now Display and Sell 100% American Made Products in a Designated Section

    Mark Andol, Founder of the Made in America Store, announced that a section of the gift shop at the Buffalo Naval & Military Park will feature items supplied by the Made in America Stores World Distribution Center in Elma, NY.



                    “As our community celebrates Military Appreciation Month during May, It makes all the sense in the world for us to tie together with the Buffalo Naval & Military Park.  It is the premier tourist destination for military reunion groups, local and out-of-town veterans, as well as families who want to better understand the service, contributions and sacrifice of America’s men and women in uniform,” Andol began.

                    In the past, the Made in America Store has collaborated with the Buffalo Naval & Military Park, the largest such inland park in the country.  The store has sponsored a fundraising concert featuring Nashville recording artist Ricky Lee performing a military tribute aboard U.S.S. The Sullivans.

    Col. Patrick Cunningham, Executive Director of the Park said, “We are eagerly looking forward to working with the Made in America Store and are confident that this relationship will prove mutually beneficial to both parties.

    Andol continued:  “Our flagship store at 900 Maple Street in Elma has attracted many of the military reunion groups, individual veterans and their families who have also visited the Buffalo Naval & Military Park.   For their convenience, we wanted to have a presence right at the museum gift shop.

    The Made in America Store is celebrating its 5th Anniversary this year.  It recently opened its fifth store in Walden Galleria to complement existing stores in Elma, Eastern Hills Mall, McKinley Mall and Niagara Falls.

    Since opening our flagship store in Elma, we have given our nation’s military and veterans a 10% discount every day.  Thanking our men and women in uniform has aligned well with our store’s mission, ‘For country, for soldier, for American worker,’ Andol concluded.

  • Philadelphia Radio Host Invites Mark Andol To Philadelphia On April 29th!

                          “Job Creation and Expansion of Vocational Training will be the Focus of the Day’s Events”

    Jobs.  Jobs.  Jobs.  That’s been the mantra of Michael Blichasz, host of American Workers Radio, which is broadcast live on the internet every Wednesday from 11:00 a.m. to 12 noon and on 860 AM Radio in the Tri-state Area that includes Philadelphia.


    Mark Andol, founder and CEO of the Made in America Store, is a part of the American Workers Radio panel, a national network promoting American businesses and American-made products.  Blichasz is the driving force behind the effort to designate the first weekend of every month as Small Business Weekend.  Both are spokespersons for the Made in America Movement.

                    “As someone who has been 100% committed to saving and creating American manufacturing jobs by making American made products readily available to consumers, I am honored to be invited to the birthplace of America,” Andol began.  “Both Mr. Blichasz and I want a return to vocational training as an option for high school students who have the talent and passion to work with their hands.”

    The official program on April 29 begins at 11a.m. with a live broadcast of American Workers Radio leading up to a press conference at 1:00 p.m. at the Independence Visitor Center in Historic Philadelphia.  Area news media, elected representatives, small business groups and representatives of various schools that train young people for careers in the skilled trades and industrial arts will be in attendance.

    Following the press conference, a tour and photo opportunity will be afforded to Mark Andol and the guests of American Workers Radio at the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and the National Constitution Center.

    “The evening’s events are highlighted by a screening of American Made Movie, which is a national documentary that explores the decline in American manufacturing over the last three decades,” Andol continued.  Andol’s own loss of half of his manufacturing business eight years ago is a central feature of the documentary film.  The founding of the Made in America Store as Andol’s response to outsourcing is described in the film as well. American Made Movie is an inspirational documentary now part of a National curriculum called the National Educational Initiative which creates a bridge between present industry needs and future educational priorities by injecting content, partnerships, and messaging that redefines the image and importance of manufacturing in America.

    A reception at the nearby Polish American Cultural Center following the film will allow guests to meet Andol one on one and present their own ideas and initiatives that are part of the growing Made in America Movement.

    “Michael Blichasz and I have embarked on this journey to increase public awareness of the power of consumers to make monumental change.  Michael has become a trusted friend.  Our shared mission to “Rebuild the American Dream” will keep us on the leading edge of this movement.  It hasn’t been easy, but it’s always been simple:  ‘Buy American.  Live the American Dream.’TM   It’s good to see more and more Americans taking control of their own destiny by buying American,” Andol concluded.

  • Made In America Store Grand Opening April 25th At Walden Galleria Mall!

    "5th Brick & Mortar Store Aims to Turn Discerning Shoppers into Human Engines for American Job Creation"


            The area's largest and most centrally located shopping mall, Walden Galleria, is adding the only store in the U.S. to sell 100% American Made Products to its diverse retail offerings. The Grand Opening Celebration of the Made in America Store begins with a 1 p.m. ribbon cutting on Saturday,April 25, followed by light refreshments.

            "From the moment we opened our flagship store at 900 Maple Street in Elma to the present, our customers have encouraged us to locate a store in Walden Galleria," Andol began. "Opening our 5th store location is one of the highlights of our 5th Anniversary Year."

            "The Made in America Store fills a unique niche in the minds and hearts of American consumers.  We have said from the beginning that we opened our store 'for country, for soldier, for American worker, and for our children's future.'  Opening our newest store at Walden Galleria enables us to reach an even larger audience with our message and mission to save and create American jobs, to grow our company and to help grow employment at our nearly 500 supplier companies with optimism and confidence," Andol added.

    Walden Galleria has been a hub of economic activity since opening.  The growing demand for American Made Products proven by the Made in America Store's growth from one location to five, one e-commerce site to three, and a World Distribution Center in Elma to service them all made Walden Galleria a good fit at this time.

            "What most attracted us to Walden Galleria is the mall's ability to stay fresh and current in the very competitive retail industry," Andol continued. "By adding amenities beyond shopping and dining, Walden Galleria has become a destination for the entire family. At Galleria, we welcome the opportunity to sell to even more Canadians than we currently serve in our other locations."

    Citing the "Girls' Getaway" promotions as an example, Andol noted that both Visit Buffalo Niagara and Niagara Tourism and Convention Corp. work collaboratively and have invested substantially in selling our region as an unrivaled shopping destination. He also observed, "Whether shoppers prefer a multi-faceted mall experience or small town "Main Street USA" experience, the Buffalo Niagara Region offers everything from high-end, designer boutiques to trendy shops, mom-and-pop retail in East Aurora, Williamsville, the Elmwood Strip, to Buffalo's very own Little Italy on Hertel Avenue."

  • Okabashi Buy One Get One 50% Off Spring Sale!


    Just in time for spring break, the Made In America Store is happy to announce our Buy One, Get One 50% Off Spring Sale!


    Okabashi is a family owned business that has focused on designing and manufacturing extremely comfortable shoes for more than 30 years.


    Currently Okabashi carries a wide variety of flip flops, sandals, and clogs for men and women.


    At Okabashi, they believe that technology and design can be utilized to deliver a great product to the consumer at a great value, without shifting U.S. jobs overseas.


    Okabashis are proudly made in the United States in Buford, GA and shipped worldwide from there.



    Here Are Some More Reasons Okabashi Sandals Are The Best
    • Made In The USA: For the past 30+ years every Okabashi shoe has been manufactured at our headquarters in Buford, GA.
    • Recyclable: Okabashi encourages customers to return their well-worn Okabashi sandals to our factory for recycling. Okabashi's newest products contain about 25% of their own recycled material.
    • Ergonomic Footbed: Okabashi's signature foot-bed provides superior arch support and a heel cup for proper alignment of the feet and spine.
    • Microplast Material: Okabashi products are made from their proprietary material called Microplast, which is durable, slip resistant, and easy-to-clean.
    • Designed For Comfort: Okabashi's reflexology-inspired show design and massage beads aid in circulation and maximizing comfort for your feet.
    • Dishwasher Safe: The high temperature of dish-washing kills bacteria and germs. Okabashi's sandals will not shrink or lose their vibrant color no matter how often they are washed.
    • Eco-Conscious Production: Okabashi's manufacturing process is very lean and virtually waste-free. Scraps and returned shoes are recycled into new products, keep them out of landfills.


  • Made In America Store's Niagara Falls Location Opening March 27th!


    The Niagara Store’s Earliest Opening to Date Tied to Next Week’s Easter and Spring Break, just in time to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the Made in America Store’s Original Location in Elma on April 3!

               Mark Andol, founder of the Made in America Store, is pleased to announce that the Niagara Falls location will be opening this Friday, March 27.


    Whether you're a local resident or tourist from afar, whether you're traveling with your family, or with a group or on business, Niagara Falls USA is the perfect sightseeing destination after a long, snowy and frigid winter.

    As we finally begin to enjoy the spring thaw we can still view the historic, breathtaking ice formations at Niagara Falls.

    For this reason, the Made in America Store at One Niagara, 360 Rainbow Boulevard, is scheduling its earliest season opening yet.

    Come see what the national media has been buzzing about, and pick up some candy and gifts for your Easter baskets.

    Shop at the Made in America Store, where your dollars will create and save American jobs!

  • Buffalo Pays Tribute To World War II Hero, Russell A. Guthrie


    A trailblazing sign, otherwise known as honorary street names, are generally assigned to honor and commemorate persons associated with the City of Buffalo. The City of Buffalo is looking to introduce a trailblazing sign for World War II Veteran Russell A. Guthrie, who recently passed away on July 5th, 2014.

    Mr. Guthrie was an American Hero and a well-loved, lifelong resident of the city of Buffalo. Russell A Guthrie, a Sergeant First Class & Tank Gunner, served honorably in the United States Army during World War II. Serving in America's Legendary 761st Tank Battalion (Patton's Panthers) in both France and Germany. Mr. Guthrie was honored for his service with a Purple Heart, a Presidential Unit Citation, a Meritorious Unit Citation, and a Good Conduct Medal.

    Mr. Guthrie's commitment to America didn't end after his service. At 90 years of age, Mr. Guthrie continued to serve his community and Veterans. A long-time Memeber of the American Legion, a Life Member of the American Veterans (AMVETS), a Member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), and a Life Member of United Veterans of Buffalo (UVOB).

    The City of Buffalo approves the installation of a Trailblazing sign at each end of the block of Norway Park where Mr. Guthrie resided for 40 years and will be designated as Russell A. Guthrie Way!

  • American Made Gets Boost In Georgia With National Education Initiative!

    Press Conference with Governor Nathan Deal & John Ratzenberger to Announce National Educational Initiative


    Burnette, Arielle H. "Press Conference with Governor Nathan Deal and John Ratzenberger to Announce National Educational Initiative" Blog Post. Feb 18th, 2015: A press conference took place to announce that the state of Georgia is adopting and implementing the National Educational Initiative for the 2015-16 school year. Governor Nathan Deal will stand with John Ratzenberger as they stress the importance of America redefining the image of manufacturing to students across the country.

    Georgia is the first state to adopt the National Educational Initiative as both the Georgia Department of Education and Georgia Board of Education unanimously endorsed the incorporation of educational content related to career opportunities in STEM and manufacturing industries throughout all 932 public state middle and high schools. The National Educational Initiative made possible by, Clyde and Sandra Strickland, Metro Waterproofing and Frank Circelli will present a $1,000,000 check to students in the Georgia school system.

    Georgia is the pioneer state in adopting the National Educational Initiative and continues to make strides in the manufacturing industry year after year. The implementation of this partnership will help to renew the image and importance of the skilled workforce for the next generation. "One of the most critical issues confronting Georgia manufacturers today is the shallow pool of work-ready talent interested in and capable of embarking on well-paying careers in manufacturing,” said Roy Bowen, President of The Georgia Association of Manufacturers. “ Achieving success with this endeavor is absolutely essential to ensuring the long term viability of Georgia's manufacturers and for Georgia to maintain its distinction as the #1 state in the U.S. for business.”

    The National Educational Initiative also states that each middle school and high school class will watch the "American Made Movie", a documentary on the rise and fall of American manufacturing!

  • 2015 Winterfest

    Made In America Store's 5th Annual Winterfest
    Sunday, February 8th 11am - 5pm

    Winterfest Flyer Email

    "Warm up from the cold with 10% off the entire Elma, NY, store!"

    Mark Andol, founder of the Made In America Store, is pleased to invite the public to a day-long event at his flagship store! 900 Maple Street in Elma will be celebrating Winterfest from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday, February 8th, 2015

    Snowmobilers are also encouraged to stop by for the festivities. Riders can reach the event by Access Trail S45 by Maple Street.

    "Come in from the cold to join us for a day of free family fun," Andol began. "This year's Winterfest on February 8th, is a great way to get out of the house in this dreary, cold weather. Here's what we have planned!"

    • Wigwam Socks Sale; Buy 3 pairs or packages, get 1 free!
    • 10% off entire store! *Cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers
    • Live music by Nashville Recording Artist, Ricky Lee!

    "Please join us on Sunday, February 8th, at the Made In America Store to enjoy some fun during these cold months. For 2015, let's all "Be a part" of the national movement to create American jobs and rebuild the American economy," Mark Andol concluded.

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